Zero gravity has existed in first person shooters before, but Boundary looks to be pushing the, er, boundaries. Just announced for PlayStation 4 on the PS Blog, this sci-fi FPS takes multiplayer bouts to outer space in a sort-of realistic setting, with free-flying debris, giant space stations, and space-age weaponry.

With unrestricted movement, the game will force you to be aware of your surroundings in every direction. You'll be able to make use of a grappling hook to pull yourself along, as well as a jet pack for more precise movements. It looks as though there will be several classes, each with their own roles and unique abilities.

There's no mention of any single player content, so it looks like this is mainly a multiplayer affair. Still, it looks pretty interesting, doesn't it? Boundary is set to launch on PS4 in 2020. What do you make of it? Keep your feet on the ground in the comments below.