If you love anime and tactical, turn-based titles such as XCOM 2, the latest experience from developer Raredrop Games might be for you. Warborn is its name, announced for PlayStation 4 last October, and it'll be arriving on Sony's current-gen console later this year on 12th June 2020.

The game's director Josh Regan takes a deep dive into his game over on the PlayStation Blog. "The campaign of Warborn sees you take the helm as one of four commanders, each with their own allegiances and motivations. Tensions between factions are high in the aftermath of a major conflict and new threats are beginning to emerge."

Alongside the single player offering, a Skirmish mode will also give you the chance to battle it out against the computer along with custom settings you can set if you so wish. What's more, online functionality allows you to take the battle to other players around the world, while a map editor can be utilised for matches against AI or private online multiplayer matches.

It sounds like a pretty cool game, perfect for the summer months when not a lot is releasing. Are you excited by Warborn? Convince us you're not a weeb in the comments below.

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