One of the best things about the independent scene is how it can come up with weird and wonderful experiences like it's nothing, and Airhead certainly seems to be fuelling that. The title from developer Octato is a 2.5D puzzle platformer that revolves around keeping your head inflated by air tanks to solve puzzles and cross ledges. Like we said, weird but wonderful. Check it out in the announcement trailer above and anticipate its launch on PlayStation 4 next year.

This rather humorous game describes itself as a tale primed to uncover the connection between "Head", air tanks, and the technology that litters the world. The Steam page says: "Body and Head must work together to accomplish their goal, and as time passes their bond and abilities will grow. What will you do to preserve their companionship? And when the impact of your choices become clear, are you willing to shoulder the consequences of saving a friend?"

We can't wait to see more of this rather bizarre title, but what do you think of its reveal trailer? Keep your head on in the comments below.