The Elder Scrolls Online 2.0 Patch Update Download

The Elder Scrolls Online's latest update, patch 2.00, is now live on PlayStation 4 -- and it's a big one. The update represents the next step in overhauling the game's performance, promising much better load times and frame rates across the board. Faster asset loading also means that your adventure through Tamriel should be a lot smoother in general.

But there's a bit of a catch in that the update requires a colossal 66.9GB download on Sony's system. This huge patch size is because the game's essentially replacing itself. Once it's done, the overall file size will be reduced, which is a good thing considering The Elder Scrolls Online has been sitting at around 100GB for as long as we can remember.

Oh, and once the download's complete and scheduled maintenance is over, you can grab a Crimson Torchbug pet for free through the in-game Crown Store. The bug will be available until the 24th March as a thank-you to players who have stuck around.

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