PlayStation 4 is a treasure trove of indie roguelite games, and it's about to get another one. If you're a fan of titles like Enter the Gungeon, Dead Cells, and Rogue Legacy, chances are you'll like the look of Neon Abyss, freshly announced for PS4 today. Publisher Team 17 is bringing the game to consoles after initially releasing on Steam.

The above trailer should give you all you need to know, but let's go over the details anyway. Neon Abyss is a colourful roguelite action game in which you'll explore procedurally generated dungeons and frag countless baddies with a huge variety of weaponry. A large component of the gameplay involves synergies, meaning you'll gather various items and upgrades with effects that stack. If you survive long enough, you could become a force to be reckoned with. There are also mini games to partake in during each run, adding a pinch of levity to the constant running and gunning.

It's coming to PS4 sometime in 2020. What do you think of Neon Abyss? Are these kind of games up your street? Fire away in the comments below.