My Friend Pedro is an unusual name for an unusual game, but the gist is this. You play as a man with itchy trigger fingers, acrobatic skills, and an imaginary banana friend. Devolver Digital sure does pick 'em.

This 2D action game is finally confirmed for PlayStation 4 after a European rating leaked the port last month. As you can see from the above trailer, it's all about slow-mo shootouts, fancy flips, and trick shots using the environment to your advantage. The game will breach PS4's window on 2nd April 2020, meaning we've only a few days to wait.

The PS4 edition of this bloodthirsty title includes the Code Yellow content, which throws in a bunch of game-changing modifiers to keep things fresh. We've been looking forward to this one -- it should be a fun distraction while you wait for this year's heavy hitters.

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