Streets of Rage 4 PS4 PlayStation 4 Trophies

Streets of Rage 4 doesn't have a firm release date yet, but here we have a PlayStation 4 Trophy list. The upcoming retro beat 'em up -- which seems to be coming soon -- is looking great, and we can't wait to get started on that list of trinkets. However, to earn the Platinum, it's going to take some degree of skill.

At first glance, the Trophy list doesn't look too tough. There are some incredibly simple ones, like using a healing item or hitting an ally (whoops). However, things ramp up quite significantly; to earn the Platinum, you'll need to achieve an "Amazing!!" combo, complete a stage without taking any damage, and beat every stage with an S-rank on Hard difficulty or higher. You'll also have to complete a stage on Mania difficulty, which is probably going to be nigh impossible.

So, Streets of Rage 4 could be a tough nut to crack, but will you be going for that Plat? Are you excited to throw down in this anticipated sequel? Don't eat chicken off the floor in the comments below.