Spawn Mortal Kombat SoulCalibur Easter Egg

Spawn's arrived in Mortal Kombat 11 as a particularly deadly DLC character, and by all accounts he's great fun to play as. But in typical NetherRealm fashion, there's more to Spawn than meets the eye. Not only does the iconic antihero have a load of different outfits based on his many incarnations, he also boasts one very special reference that we can't help but crack a smile over.

As pointed out by Twitter user YellowFGC, Spawn is happy to recall his past adventures in other fighting games -- namely the fantastic SoulCalibur II. For those out of the loop, the weapon-based brawler features exclusive guest characters depending on the platform. The PS2 version got Heihachi from Tekken, the GameCube version got Link from The Legend of Zelda, and the original Xbox version got... Spawn. Must have been the glowing green eyes.

Anyway, when going up against Scorpion, Spawn gets some unique dialogue before the fight:

Spawn: "You've been to other dimensions?"

Scorpion: "Each has had its own injustices."

Spawn: "Maybe that's why my soul still burns."

That last line, if you're unaware, is a classic SoulCalibur slogan. It's hard not to love stuff like this.