Skater XL PS4 PlayStation 4

Where have all the flipping skateboarding video games gone? While Activision and EA don't seem to be much interested in reviving their respective skating IPs, there are a number of independent teams working to represent the sport in brand new games -- on PC. Fortunately, one of them will be grinding its way onto PlayStation 4, and it's called Skater XL.

On the PlayStation Blog, Dain Hedgpeth from Easy Day Studios writes a lengthy post all about the game and what separates it from other skating sims. In a nutshell, Skater XL is a free-form, sandbox title that lets you control your avatar's feet with the respective thumb sticks. "The game is unique in that it doesn’t have any tricks programmed into it, only control of the movement through the thumbsticks," Hedgpeth writes. "Each thumbstick is connected to the character’s corresponding foot — the right stick controls the right foot, the left stick controls the left foot."

Through this method, it seems you'll be able to pull off whatever tricks you like, simply by shifting your skater's feet. The game uses physics to drive things rather than canned animations, resulting in what should be a pretty limitless skating system.

You can see some brief clips over on the Blog, and it looks impressive. There's no confirmed release date yet, but we're definitely interested to see more of Skater XL. What do you think? Get Heaven Is a Halfpipe stuck in your head in the comments below.