By now, we hope you'll have checked out our review of the magnificent Dreams on PlayStation 4. If you haven't, however, there are now multiple ways for you to consume our critique of Media Molecule's creation suite. You can, of course, read the review right here on Push Square. If you prefer a video to watch, you can head to our YouTube channel and enjoy it that way. Or, you can boot up the game and play our review.

That's right, we've created a playable version of our Dreams review, and it's live within the game right now. It's nothing crazy; this humble author mumbles through his words in a short series of varied locations, while you can collect numerous Square Coins dotted throughout.

As we played the game for review, we made a start on this as our creative project while exploring all the tools. Now it's finally in a place where we're happy with it, we've released it for everyone to play. A lot of the assets within the dream were made by other players, such as the character, some of the environments, and any music. A secondary reason we made this was to show off some of the variety in what people are creating, and to show that even someone with relatively limited experience can craft something interesting and playable.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this experiment. You can watch a playthrough of our Dreams review level in the video above, or you can hop in yourself and take it for a spin. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!