Tales from the Borderlands PS4

Tales from the Borderlands might be getting a sequel if this leaked set of clips from Reddit are anything to go by. Posted on the aptly named gamingleaksandrumours sub-Reddit, two lengthy pieces of footage appear to be cut from an upcoming trailer announcing Tales from the Borderlands: Redux for a 2020 release and then teasing a second instalment. They're suspiciously zoomed in, but you can check out the two clips in question here and here.

What we assume is a remaster of the original five episodes will contain developer commentary, unused content in the form of concept art, and another feature we can't quite work out due to the nature of the clip. What we're really here to talk about, however, is the possibility of Tales from the Borderlands 2. As the 2020 release window for Tales from the Borderlands: Redux morphs into a standalone "2", this is a clear tease for a second season.

Of course, we're labelling this as a rumour because this isn't official word from Gearbox itself, but we're not entirely sure how one could fake the two videos in question. We think this is the real deal. What would you want from Tales from the Borderlands 2? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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