Ubisoft announced the nifty-looking Roller Champions back at E3 2019, but no platforms other than PC were confirmed at the time. Those playing on computers have benefited from things like closed alpha tests, and it sounds like that will continue further into this year. However, one major detail relevant to PlayStation 4 users is that the fast-paced sports game will in fact be making its way to Sony's console.

We suspected this would be the case, but it's nice to have official word. Before we get to grips with the arena-based blend of roller derby and basketball, however, the game is going through several user testing phases on PC. As detailed in the video above, there will be plenty of opportunities for fans to play the game ahead of launch, but it sounds like PS4 will simply get the finished product. That's fine with us, and we're looking forward to eventually trying this out for ourselves.

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