Update: Well, would you look at that? Capcom has now confirmed that the Resident Evil 3 demo will actually release a day earlier than anticipated on Thursday 19th March. That's just a few days away, while a Resident Evil Resistance open beta will follow a week later on Friday 27th March. There doesn't appear to be a time limit on the demo this time around, with those who manage to see it through to completion treated to a completely new cinematic cutscene.

Original article: It's understandable if you've been itching to get your hands on Resident Evil 3 after it was confirmed a PlayStation 4 demo is on its way and you had a good read of our preview piece for the game a few weeks back. Capcom's second remake in as many years has the potential to top Resident Evil 2, and you might have the chance to see that for yourself at the end of this week.

According to Aesthetic Gamer on Twitter, who is a known Capcom insider that recently helped with the Silent Hills on PS5 rumour, claims that the playable teaser is on its way to PS4 this Friday. We don't know what shape the demo will take just yet, whether it'll be the same stretch of the experience we played or if there'll be a time limit or not, so expect these details to come alongside the official announcement. If Friday is indeed the day, those specifics are just around the corner.

Do you hope to be playing the Resident Evil 3 demo this Friday and across the weekend? Avoid Nemesis in the comments below.

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