If you’ve got a PlayStation 4, there’s probably a good chance you’re familiar with its absurd fan noise. While not everyone’s console sounds like a rocket – and there are steps you can take to reduce the sound – the reality is that the Japanese giant’s console is pretty, well, loud. In fact, it’s so common that Tweets like the one embedded below go viral now.


With over 133k likes at the time of typing, it’s safe to say that Twitter found this PS4-powered jet engine relatable. But it’s not the first tweet of its kind to go viral.


It’ll be interesting to see how the manufacturer attempts to keep its super-powered PlayStation 5 cool, because Microsoft upped the game with the Xbox One X and it’s promising similar acoustics from its next-gen console Xbox Series X. Fingers crossed we don’t have to deal with another generation of ear-shattering fan noises.

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