Square Enix is going hard on its promotion of PlayStation 4 exclusive Final Fantasy VII Remake, so much so that all subscribers to PlayStation Plus will receive a free PS4 dynamic theme in the near future. The publisher has provided us with a glimpse of it via a tweet below, with the contrasting shots focusing on Midgar and Cloud Strife himself in the classic pose looking up at the Mako reactor.

This is just one of three PS4 themes you can get your hands on as the JRPG nears its release. Simply downloading the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo will net you a static theme featuring the entire gang while a Sephiroth theme can be yours by pre-ordering the game at Amazon US and through various retailers in Europe.

This is definitely a nice little bonus for those who are subscribed to PlayStation Plus and want to kit their PS4 dashboard out in all things Final Fantasy VII Remake. Which of the three themes do you prefer? Make your choice in the comments below.

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