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While the Average Joes online have been bickering about PlayStation 5’s small teraflop disadvantage when compared to the Xbox Series X, developers have been quietly stressing how exciting Sony’s next-gen system really is. Kurt Margenau, the co-game director on The Last of Us: Part II, is one such industry veteran who is super excited by the potential of the upcoming console.

“Still tripping about this PS5 SSD spec,” he wrote on Twitter. “Like, people don’t even know how big of a leap in terms of game design can be made, especially for first-party that doesn’t have to design to lowest common denominator. By far the biggest leap in my career. Can’t wait.” He added: “No, I’m not hinting at anything Naughty Dog is working on, just speculating based on those numbers.”

Perhaps the big problem for consumers like us is that the Japanese giant’s yet to demonstrate exactly how its ambitious new technology will be utilised. We’re sure once it starts to actually reveal some games, we’ll all be impressed by what’s possible – exactly when that will be, though, is currently unclear.