Forget about backwards compatibility, raytracing, and teraflops for a hot minute – was that audience real or not? You’ve got to cut Sony a little bit of slack here: it originally intended today’s PlayStation 5 deep dive to be presented in front of a live audience of game developers – it never could have accounted for coronavirus culling GDC this year.

Still, the most shocking part of today’s presentation – assuming you ignore the fact that over 600k people watched it live and very few will have had a clue what lead architect Mark Cerny was talking about – was that it took place in front of a green screen, with fake silhouettes in the “audience”. Except, were they fake?

At first, we thought it was a static Adobe Premiere overlay, but we definitely saw a few movements. Take this gentleman on the far left – he definitely attempts to scratch his face:

Ps5 PlayStation 5 Deep Dive Audience 1

(As an aside, we sincerely hope he used hand sanitizer before doing that – maybe he was given some officially licensed PlayStation handwash. Assuming, of course, he’s a real person.)

Honestly, we’re undecided about this. There are definitely people in the video, but Cerny doesn’t appear to make eye contact with any of them, making us think they’re a separate video feed layered on top of the presentation itself. But what do you think? Help us to solve this mystery in the poll and comments section below.

Did Mark Cerny present his PS5 deep dive to a real audience?