PS5 Xbox Series X Buy Poll

Sony's PlayStation 5 deep dive presentation was divisive to say the least. Originally meant to be part of Sony's GDC 2020 showing, the video featured system architect Mark Cerny, who spoke at length about the intricacies of the PS5 hardware. In truth, it was exactly what Sony promoted -- an in-depth look at its next-gen console. However, when you've got legions of fans ready to jump on even a scrap of fresh information, the deep dive ultimately felt misjudged.

It's all well and good telling us how amazing the PS5's custom SSD is, but consumers need to see this stuff in action. Cerny's dry presentation was clearly aimed at developers and technically-minded onlookers, and while it was interesting, it certainly wasn't the big PS5 reveal most people have been waiting on for months.

The question we want to ask, then, is this: has the deep dive video altered your plans to buy a PS5? Do you care that the console is, on paper at least, less powerful than the Xbox Series X? Has Sony's approach left you disappointed? Or is it just way too early to jump to conclusions? Whatever you think, vote in our polls and then give us an honest opinion in the comments section below.

After the deep dive, do you plan on buying a PS5?
Are you considering buying Xbox Series X over PS5?