Persona 5 Royal PS4

The Persona 5 Royal Trophy list has just popped up on Exophase, giving us our first look at the re-release's all-new collection of trinkets which can be earned throughout the 100+ hour JRPG. Some of it remains the same while a handful of new Trophies can be yours by engaging with everything on offer in the new location of Kichijoji.

Persona 5 Royal awards Bronze Trophies for clearing out Palaces and completing Mementos, while a Gold Trophy is yours for viewing the ending -- the same sort of rewards found in 2017's Persona 5. However, now you can earn a Trophy for your first use of the Grappling Hook. This is a new ability which allows you to access secret areas within dungeons and Palaces. Meanwhile, you can unlock further trinkets for trading in flowers and stamps in Mementos. We believe that's a new mechanic.

The place where you're going to earn the most Trophies, however, is in Kichijoji. The new location is raining with Trophies as playing games of Darts and Billiards, attending the Jazz club, visiting a temple, and ordering from the special menu at the maid café all reward Bronze Trophies.

Don't forget that our full review of Persona 5 Royal will be available on Push Square before the game's launch on 31st March, but in the meantime, you can always read our thoughts from last month's preview event. Are you excited about Persona 5 Royal? Strengthen a Confidant in the comments below.