No Straight Roads Music Action Adventure Game Metronomik Preview Interview E3 2019

Besides Ghost of Tsushima, the upcoming summer months are looking incredibly quiet when it comes to PlayStation 4 releases. Therefore, we're always open to an indie gem plonking its release date right in the middle of the year's hottest time period. That's exactly what No Straight Roads has done, launching on PS4 on 30th June 2020.

If you haven't heard of the Metronomik-developed title before, it's "an action-adventure game that mashes together rhythm-infused combat with a vibrant offbeat world and a killer soundtrack. In fact, music plays a central role in the game, and while No Straight Roads isn’t a rhythm-action game, listening to the music can be critical to mastering the combat."

Studio co-founder Wan Hazmer goes on to explain how two indie rock bands are fighting against EDM empire NSR, whose control over Vinyl City has ruined every other genre imaginable. The game will even get its own Collector's Edition, complete with a 10-track vinyl record, an artbook, and a collectible set of drum sticks. That's pretty cool if we do say so ourselves.

Are you interested in playing No Straight Roads this June? Mix some tracks in the comments below.