Sure, it might be a port of a mobile game, but Mekorama looks like an adorable and enjoyable puzzler. It has you exploring mechanical dioramas (hence the name) with B, a little robot who needs your help completing each stage.

You'll be solving some pretty simple puzzles throughout the game's 50 stages, but it looks like the challenge will mount up quickly as multiple obstacles are thrown at you. What's more, the game features a level editor, allowing you to share your own creations with other players. Neat!

There's no release date in the above trailer, but we've discovered the game is wandering onto PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on 26th March 2020. That's right -- this cutesy puzzle platformer is destined for Sony's handheld.

What do you think of Mekorama? Will you be playing it on PS4 or Vita? Find those chargers in the comments below.