Avalanche Studios Group Branding

Avalanche Studios, the studio behind the Just Cause series, has today announced a new branding identity for itself and two other teams. Avalanche Studios Group is the new name, which covers the aforementioned developer as well as Expansive Worlds, known for Hunter: Call of the Wild, and Generation Zero makers Systemic Reaction.

The new collective name and branding "marks the start of a new era" for the company, CEO Pim Holfve says in a press release. "Although we have expanded to three creative divisions, our singular focus is to bring immersive open world experiences to millions of players around the globe."

To celebrate this corporate reshuffle, Systemic Reaction has provided a teaser trailer for an upcoming project, which we've embedded above. At this point, it's probably safe to assume this will be a PlayStation 5 game. Going by the little we see in the video, it looks like it could be leaning into survival horror with this new title.

What do you think of all this? Do you like the new name and branding for Avalanche Studios Group? Are you excited to see more of this next game? Don't make too loud a noise in the comments below.