When to Use High, Mid, and Low Stances in Nioh 2 PS4 Guide

When should you use high, mid, and low stances in Nioh 2? Which stance is best in Nioh 2? Team Ninja offers so many options in combat to utilise that it can become a little bit overwhelming at times. Three main stances govern the sort of attacks you'll incorporate into combos and how much stamina they take to unleash, so which one is best? We'll be answering that question and more in this very guide. Here's when you should use, high, mid, and low stances in Nioh 2.

When to Use High, Mid, and Low Stances in Nioh 2

High stance

  • Deals lots of damage but uses a lot of stamina
  • Can break enemy guards easily
  • Little in the way of defence when attacking
  • Lose a lot of stamina when an enemy hits you

Mid stance

  • The most well-rounded stance
  • A fair balance found in damage dealing and stamina use
  • The stance you should be using most of the time, especially when entering new areas

Low stance

  • Focused on defence rather than offence
  • Deal less damage per attack
  • Focused on blocking so that you use less stamina when deflecting hits
  • Perfect for attacking smaller enemies close to the ground

Mid stance is the default option and it's the one you should adopt for much of Nioh 2 -- allowing you to equally spread your stamina meter across attacking and defending. The high stance can be utilised once you've got a good grasp of an enemy or boss' attack patterns in order to deal extra damage, but until then, you should focus on staying alive rather than getting too confident. The low stance, meanwhile, should only be used when you need to take out a demon close to the ground or when you feel like a barrage of attacks is coming your way. Since the stance uses less stamina, you'll be in pole position to throw some damage right back at your opponent in the aftermath.