How to Beat Tatarimokke in Nioh 2 PS4 Guide

How do you beat Tatarimokke in Nioh 2? How do you beat the boss in the A Way Out mission? You better buckle up because this is probably the toughest boss fight you've come across in Team Ninja's follow-up so far, but with persistence, you'll be able to overcome it. Here's how to beat Tatarimokke in Nioh 2.

How to Beat Tatarimokke in Nioh 2

Recommended level - 58

Tatarimokke is the gigantic bird-like demon which has been pursuing you throughout the entirety of the main mission in question. It's a very dangerous boss which uses its ability to fly to its advantage, spending just as much time in the air as it does on the ground. You'll need to keep one of your fingers hovering over the block button at all times thanks to how quickly it can unleash a select few of its attacks.

Play this one very, very carefully. Only commit to a combo if you're certain you've got enough stamina to make it out of the immediate area without taking a hit in the aftermath. Deflect the demon's daggers when they're thrown at you and Burst Counter its laser beam if you're feeling confident enough. We also recommend summoning another fighter earlier in the level if you're having a lot of trouble with this battle -- letting them take away some of the damage and agro which would normally be directed at you.

Like always, play it safe in the early game to make sure you don't burn through your healing items too quickly. Try getting a few quick hits in before retreating, avoiding the strikes it makes with its feet and wings. This is a tactic which should get you to the Dark Realm relatively unphased, especially so if you have a partner by your side.

Here, you're going to want to ignore Tatarimokke entirely and focus on the single red orb somewhere within the arena. They play the same role as their introduction earlier in the level, getting rid of the Dark Realm upon elimination. It'll take at least two full combos to take them out so try and avoid taking too much damage while you slowly regain your stamina -- we recommend jogging about the battlefield while sticking close by to the target. As this is happening, the boss will start shooting ghostly spirits at you alongside its normal attacks, much like Enenra. These come with a good amount of tracking so make sure to dash out of the way when you can.

The boss doesn't change its attacks with a second phase, so repeat what you've been doing in order to slowly lower its health bar even further. You'll enter the Dark Realm once more before staying there for good -- there isn't a red orb to destroy anymore. This means that you'll have to fight Tatarimokke in the dark alongside reduced stamina regeneration. It's tough, so play very defensively and only take the opportunities you're certain you can exploit and land a combo. Stick to one or two hits at a time, and eventually, you'll have the boss down and out for the count.