How to Beat Magara Naotaka in Nioh 2 PS4 Guide

How do you beat Magara Naotaka in Nioh 2? How do you beat the boss in the Corpses and Ice mission? This is the icy looking fellow you caught a glimpse of at the beginning of the Corpses and Ice level, but when compared to other boss fights in the game, it's not too tough. Here's how to beat Magara Naotaka in Nioh 2.

How to Beat Magara Naotaka in Nioh 2

Recommended level - 64

Upon triggering the battle, you'll enter a small arena that wouldn't look too out of place in a roman coliseum -- save for the ice, of course. Magara Naotaka stands in front of you, prepared to duel with a gigantic sword in its hands. The demon delivers slow but powerful blows with the weapon in question which need to be avoided at all costs unless you want the fight to be over all too quickly. As well as that, he can throw his attacks at you in combination with the wind, much like other bosses, so you'll need a keen trigger finger when it comes to dodging. Also make yourself aware of its Burst Counter move from a distance, allowing you to understand when exactly it can be countered. It deals a lot of damage if mistimed.

During the early stages of the fight, you'll want to be looking for openings to exploit between the boss' attack patterns to begin chipping away at its health bar. It's quite a big one so you may have only taken away roughly a quarter of it before entering the Dark Realm comes around, but that's okay if healing items are still in good supply.

Here, Magara Naotaka's attacks stay very much the same. Great, sweeping swipes are what you'll need to look out for while being conservative of your stamina. His combos also get a little bit more elaborate as the fight progresses, adding a few more moves to its repertoire. However, this boss should prove to be a bit of a pushover compared to Tatarimokke. It is far easier to read and much easier to get hits on. You can even make the fight that little bit easier by making use of a nearby Hot Spring and summoning another player to help out.