Final Fantasy VII Remake Soundtrack CD Buy

Based on what we've heard so far, Final Fantasy VII Remake's soundtrack is shaping up to be outstanding. We've played though the demo at least four or five times just to hear that amazing orchestral boss battle theme swell as we tear the guard scorpion apart. We simply can't wait to hear what the rest of the game sounds like.

Square Enix has revealed that an official release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtrack is happening, and it'll be spread across seven CDs. It's set to release this April through the Square Enix store, but unsurprisingly, it ain't cheap. It costs £67.77 here in the UK, $77.77 in the US, or 7,777 yen in Japan. All seven fever!

The first-run limited edition actually comes with a bonus CD full of tracks taken from the in-game jukebox. Talk about niche.

Are you interested in nabbing this soundtrack? Just imagine the Jenova theme in the comments section below.