Dreams PS4 PlayStation 4

Since Dreams launched a couple of weeks ago, it's not really had any significant updates, but that changes today. Media Molecule has announced the arrival of patch 2.06, which is now available to download on PlayStation 4. The update doesn't make too many sweeping changes, but there are some nifty things worth noting here.

A brand new art pack named Welcome Garden has been added, bringing over 40 new pre-made sculptures into the game. The developer notes these assets sit nicely alongside the Welcome Home content. As with other art packs, you can use its contents in your homespace or in your very own creations.

Elsewhere, the studio has spruced up some UI elements and made some changes to the Community Jams section. Users who are online right now will have a green dot displayed next to their username, which is handy. As for the Community Jams, Media Molecule notes "Various tweaks and improvements to the Community Jam UI", as well as "support for specifying a collection to use with a Community Jam". This will mean players who want to take part will have somewhere to start other than a blank slate.

The patch is pretty small at just 104MB, so get it downloaded now. You can read more about the update over on the game's indreams website.

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