The Doom Slayer gives off a very, very serious vibe, but if this latest DOOM Eternal trailer is anything to go by, he loves to customise his armour and don an entirely different outfit once in a while. That's right, when the next great id Software title drops next week on PlayStation 4, you'll be able to tweak nearly everything covering the protagonist's body.

As the footage above suggests, you can opt for the franchise's classic, blocky number with bright green armour or even a set of protective clothing which looks like it has come straight out of an old Rome coliseum. The Doom Slayer can be constantly on fire, or simply just change the colour of the standard armour's decals. The lovely, cutesy getup you see at the end of the trailer appears to be a Twitch Prime exclusive, so those of you who get your Amazon deliveries done quickly can take advantage of this offer.

We reckon this sort of character customisation will be directly tied to the game's Battle Pass-style progression system, with Bethesda promising that the experience will not feature any microtransactions whatsoever. How do you plan on customising the Doom Slayer? Wreak havoc in the comments below.