Doom Eternal PS4 PlayStation 4

There are some things in modern games we just have to grin and bear, and one of these is the day one update. Most major games require the download of a big patch, usually including some crucial bug fixes, performance enhancements, and more. It means your games will be that much better when you play them, but it can be a pain downloading several gigabytes of extra data. DOOM Eternal is the latest title with such an update.

The id Software shooter is looking pretty great, but before you hop into the blood-soaked action, you'll need to install a 5GB update. We're not sure what patch 1.01 involves, but at least it's not that big. It's best to have it, anyway; perhaps it aids the game's frame rate, which is a locked 60 frames per second on both PS4 and PS4 Pro. That's according to lead engine programmer Billy Khan. The day an id Software game is anything less is the day Hell really does freeze over.

DOOM Eternal finally arrives on 20th March. Are you pumped to slay some demons on PS4? Weapons at the ready in the comments below.

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