Death Stranding PS4 PlayStation 4 1

We reckon a Sony published game without a Photo Mode is a bit like a peanut butter sandwich without any jam – it’s just not quite right. News that the PC port of Death Stranding will include the oft-requested feature left PlayStation 4 owners somewhat disgruntled recently, as the option is absent from the original release.

Fortunately, director Hideo Kojima has hinted that it could be added in. Writing on Twitter, the auteur said that he “may consider it as an update”, which is good news for budding photographers out there. The Metal Gear man later retweeted a message from a fan, who posted a camera emoji along with the caption: “Can’t wait for the next update on PS4.” Make of it what you will.

Have you been waiting for a Photo Mode update in Death Stranding at all? Take a picture in the comments section below.