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Update: It's been announced that the publisher in question is Epic Games Publishing. You can read more about that through the link.

Original Story: Remedy Entertainment sure is keeping itself busy right now. In addition to developing DLC for its last action adventure title Control, the studio has a number of other projects on the go. It's making single player content for Xbox One game Crossfire X, and a small internal team is beavering away at something called Project Vanguard, a service based online multiplayer shooter. Now, news has come out about two more unannounced games, for which the company has partnered up with "a major publisher".

As reported by VGC, Remedy has signed a deal with a big publisher to help with its next two titles. We don't know which publisher, but both of these games will be multi-platform, meaning Sony is out of the question. One of the games will be a large scale, AAA adventure, and is currently in pre-production. The other is allegedly a smaller game set within the same franchise.

Remedy has said it aims to bring these titles to consoles and PC in "the next few years", meaning we're almost certainly talking next-gen here. It will be interesting to see what the studio can produce with all PlayStation 5's speedy tech.

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