BAFTA Games Awards 2020
Image: BAFTA

The upcoming BAFTA Games Awards ceremony, which is due to take place at the start of April, will no longer be a live, red carpet shindig. As with many events across the globe, coronavirus has caused the British Academy to cancel the awards show. Instead, the organisers will be holding a livestream in order to announce the winners.

"Amid growing concerns over the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and the number of nominees due to travel from overseas, we have made the decision to change the format of next month's BAFTA Games Awards from a red carpet ceremony at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London to an online live stream, which will broadcast globally on the same day as scheduled," the academy states.

This means all will still be able to watch the BAFTA Games Awards online on 2nd April -- there just won't be a swanky venue or a live audience. It's obviously the most sensible move right now; packing people into a theatre for such an event seems like a bad idea while concerns over the disease are ever growing.

Other BAFTA awards ceremonies are still scheduled to go ahead with live events, but organisers are of course monitoring the situation as we move forward.