Wow, this has to be one of the most impressive student projects we've come across in quite some time. A Juggler's Tale, from German student startup studio Kaleidoscube, is said to be a 3D adventure where you take control of a string puppet named Abby as she navigates a "bruised, but beautiful world". It's due for release on consoles next year, and what's more, it has the potential to be a PlayStation 5 title.

When asked for clarification by Gematsu, the team said: "We’d definitely love to see the game on the next-gen consoles, but at the moment can’t 100 percent guarantee it, which is why we kept the platforms a bit more vague for now." So, the possibility is definitely there. A PlayStation 4 release is guaranteed at the very least, so we'll be able to play this title next year regardless of which Sony platform it launches on via backwards compatibility.

It bodes well that even developers getting their start in the industry just now are considering bringing their titles to PS5, so we'll be sure to bring you more news surrounding A Juggler's Tale as and when it becomes available. Let's hope a native PS5 version does come to fruition.