Dreams PS4 PlayStation 4

We all knew it would probably happen -- Dreams has been a critical success, but commercial success appears to be much tougher for it. After debuting at number eight in last week's physical UK chart, the latest bestsellers list puts Media Molecule's masterpiece at number 15. It's not quite as bad as it sounds, though. The decrease in sales week-on-week is just 20 per cent, which is a pretty great ratio for a new game release. This chart doesn't include digital sales, and we have a feeling this is one title that will certainly have done better via PlayStation Store.

Higher up the chart, the Bayonetta and Vanquish double pack has ended up at number 10, and Team Sonic Racing makes a triumphant return in seventh following a price promotion. Other than that, it's business as usual; FIFA 20, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Grand Theft Auto V are first, second, and third respectively.

Here's the latest top 10 in full.

UK Sales Charts: Week Ending 22nd February 2020

  1. FIFA 20
  2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  3. Grand Theft Auto V
  4. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  5. Minecraft
  6. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  7. Team Sonic Racing
  8. Forza Horizon 4
  9. Luigi's Mansion 3
  10. Bayonetta & Vanquish Tenth Anniversary Bundle