Oh, we do love a good FMV interactive movie here at Push Square Towers. Fortunately, publisher Wales Interactive has been keeping us well stocked with these kinds of titles all generation, and The Complex looks like its best effort yet. It’s a branching story which deals with the aftermath of a bio-weapon attack in London, and you’ll play as nano-scientist Dr Amy Tenant who’s thrust into the centre of things.

In addition to eight unique endings, the release will also track relationships and personality traits in order to tailor the tale to your decisions. It’s been written by The Handmaid Tale’s Lynn Renee Maxcy, and stars Bad Blood’s Michelle Mylett and Game of Thrones’ Kate Dickie. Fascinatingly, it’s been built with streamers in mind, including a pause mechanic which will allow audience members to offer input on the the outcome of certain decisions. You’ll be able to play it from 31st March.

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