Fire Pro Wrestling World PS4 PlayStation 4 1

All the way back in 1994, famed game director Suda51 wrote a single player story for Super Fire Pro Wrestling which is infamous dark. Now he’s returned to the ring, penning an all-new add-on pack for the existing Fire Pro Wrestling World, which adds a campaign to its retro wrasslin’ action.

Here’s a synopsis of the story: “Wrestler Morio Sumisu’s life ended in tragedy at the height of his career. Now his son has set out on the same path of glory, but can he find a way to the top without following in his father’s haunted footsteps?”

The expansion is out now and costs £7.99/$7.99, or it can be downloaded for free if you already own the release’s Season Pass. It also includes additional wrestlers, edit parts, background music, and a video interview with Suda51 himself. You can check out a trailer above.