Sonic Puma Clothing Footwear 1

Have you been clamouring from some brand new Sonic the Hedgehog clothing? Do you want some blue blur merch that's actually worth owning? Sports brand Puma has teamed up with SEGA to release a whole new range of apparel and footwear, and it ain't half bad.

Sonic Puma Clothing Footwear 2

The RS-X³ SONIC sneakers, for example, look pretty good. There's one pair in Sonic colours and another that's inspired by his adversary, Dr. Robotnik. They're available in both child and adult sizes. Elsewhere in the collection, there's a series of hoodies with simple designs and colours, and some more exuberant t-shirts featuring the hedgehog and his buddies.

This new range has emerged just as the Sonic the Hedgehog movie is on the brink of release. The film will be playing in theatres from 14th February, and you could be donning this brand new Sonic gear when you go and watch. Will you be grabbing any of this fancy Sonic merch? Don't run too fast in the comments below.