Sakura Wars PS4 West Rating ESRB

Sakura Wars, the mecha action waifu simulator also known as Project Sakura Wars in Japan, just got rated by the ESRB. This means that the game's close to getting a confirmed release date here in the West, but before that news breaks, we really just wanted to share the title's ESRB rating summary, which is basically a description of the game.

Seriously, it's outstanding as far as summaries go. Slapped with a T for Teen rating, the description begins: "This is a relationship simulation/action game, set in a steampunk 1920s version of Tokyo, in which players lead a combat troupe to defeat demons by using giant mech suits. Players use swords and blasters to fight enemy robots and demons in melee-style combat." Pretty standard as far as quirky Japanese games go, but it gets way better very quickly.

"The game also contains some sexual material: dialogue referencing pornography (e.g., “I guarantee you that's porn”; “Whoa, that's definitely a nudie magazine.”)." It continues: "minigames in which players can zoom-in on characters' body parts (e.g., legs, buttocks, breasts), with accompanying dialogue (e.g., “Man, those legs…Just imagining the paradise at the end of them...”; “As far as chest size…The bigger, the better!”); a still-image sequence depicting a character groping a woman's chest while stating, “But they look so soft! Just one little squeeze…"" Incredible. Imagine having to write all this down.

The description ends rather abruptly: "A handful of bath-house sequences depict partially nude female characters, with breasts slightly obscured by steam. The word “sh*t” appears in the game."

So, er, are you looking forward to Sakura Wars? We'll keep an eye out for an official release date, but until then, feel free to admit that you're interested in the comments section below.