PS5 Cooling Sony Price PS4 Fan Noise

Does your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro sound like a jet engine when playing certain games? The noise that Sony's current-gen console can produce has become something of a running joke over the last few years. Older units gradually lose the ability to keep themselves cool as thermal paste dries up and their insides get clogged with dust. It's arguably the biggest hardware issue that the PS4 has, but with the PlayStation 5 boasting much more powerful components that could generate even more heat, will fan noise still be an issue next-gen?

Obviously we don't know yet, but it does sound like Sony is taking steps to ensure that the PS5 remains as cool as possible while in use. According to a report by Bloomberg, the PS5's cooling system is "unusually expensive." These parts typically don't cost much at all to manufacture, but Sony is apparently willing to pay extra. "Sony opted to lavish more on making sure heat dissipation from the powerful chips housed inside the console isn’t an issue," reads the article.

Hopefully this means that the PS5 will be whisper quiet, even after years of use. We love our PS4s, but when those fans kick in, boy do you know about it.