MediEvil 2 PS4

Last year's MediEvil PlayStation 4 remake seemed to be somewhat of a sales success, at least in Europe where it was most popular, potentially opening the door to the possibility of its PSone sequel getting the same treatment. And if this latest set of tweets from the remake's composer are anything to go by then MediEvil II for PS4 or maybe even PlayStation 5 could already be in the works.

As spotted by PlayStation Lifestyle, composer Andrew Baranabas replied to the @SaveMediEvil Twitter account a few days ago, whom of which had simply tweeted the number two -- referencing Sir Dan's sequel. Barnabas replied "Actually....." and then responded to another fan with a bit of a cryptic post.

We believe the composer is responding to the first part of the tweet rather than the latter, but this combined with his tease earlier in the day could suggest that development is already well underway. Although, would it be for PS4 or Sony's next-generation console? We're in a weird limbo where either option makes sense for MediEvil II, so we'll just have to wait and see if this does come to fruition or not. Sony has, after all, been making a point of bringing back its lesser known catalogue of games throughout the PS4 generation with remasters for the likes of Patapon and LocoRoco.

We interviewed the composers of MediEvil around Christmas time last year, so for more information on Andrew Barnabas, head on through this link. Do you hope a MediEvil 2 remake is a thing? Resurrect in the comments below.