We reckon Genshin Impact, the open world action role-playing game from Chinese developer Mihoyo, has been done a disservice. When the game was revealed for PlayStation 4 back at ChinaJoy 2019, it was dismissed by many as a simple "Breath of the Wild clone", and one Nintendo fan went as far as to smash a PS4 in protest (seriously, that did actually happen). And while there are some undeniable similarities, Genshin Impact is clearly its own thing -- and it looks pretty damn good as far as we're concerned.

IGN Japan has captured 12 minutes of gameplay from the PC version, and honestly, we can't wait to try it out ourselves. The title features multiple playable characters that you can swap between at any time, each of them boasting their own abilities and combat styles. Fights look flashy, the world looks detailed, and the whole thing's already in English.

Genshin Impact is still set to hit Sony's system at some point in 2020, so hopefully we get a confirmed release date soon.