Anyone else remember this? Back when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were the new kids on the block, Microsoft was under fire for its controversial online and used game policies. It quickly changed all that, of course, but at the time it went down extremely poorly. Sony, meanwhile, made it clear when its new console was revealed that there would be no such restrictions, and that moment alone arguably made PS4 this generation's front runner.

In the midst of all this, with Sony on a high from all this positive feedback, it published one of its cheekiest marketing moves:

The video, starring Shuhei Yoshida and Adam Boyes, quickly went viral, and to date has amassed 17.3 million views.

Today, Yoshida has reminded us all of this incredible moment with a simple tweet. He and Boyes reunited at DICE 2020, and the pair recreated the pose that, at the time, made Microsoft a laughing stock.

How far we've come in seven years. It's clear Yoshida still has a wonderful sense of humour after this glorious PS5 troll. When Sony finally spills the beans on PS5, we doubt we'll see anything near this level of tomfoolery -- but we can hope.