The time has come: February 2020's PS Plus games have been announced. As per usual, subscribers get access to two PlayStation 4 games, but this time there's an added bonus as PlayStation VR title Firewall Zero Hour is also included. If you don't have a headset, you'll have to make do with BioShock: The Collection and The Sims 4.

BioShock's trilogy is obviously legendary, and if you've never played the games before then you simply must give them a go. Fortunately, the PS4 remaster is a good one, as evidenced by our 8/10 review:

BioShock: The Collection is the best way to experience the world of Rapture and Columbia. All three games and their DLC look great and, despite a slightly creaky port of the first game, perform well. Unfortunately, series veterans won't find anything new, meaning that the visual upgrade and the convenience of having everything pulled into one package are the only reasons to return to games that you may have already experienced multiple times.

We're also very keen on The Sims 4, which is highly entertaining -- even on the PS4. We awarded this a 7/10 in our review:

It's the most faithful recreation of the drudgery of daily life on the market, but it's also marred by a bewildering array of control quirks, annoying bugs, and overnumerous menus. If you're prepared to persevere with the more clumsily implemented aspects of the game then there's a lot to love - and there's a ridiculous amount of content - but some will likely be put off by its often obtuse nature.

And while we're fond of PSVR first-person shooter Firewall Zero Hour, we felt that it lacked a large enough playerbase at launch. That will obviously be rectified by its inclusion with PS Plus:

There’s no doubt that Firewall Zero Hour’s tactical combat works well in virtual reality – in fact, the fledgling medium adds a lot to this FPS, allowing you to naturally gesture to teammates and intuitively check your corners in a way you couldn’t on a standard display. But while there are some structural and technical issues that we have confidence First Contact Entertainment will be able to fix, it’s the question marks over its community that make it a tough sell.

But hold on, wasn't Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy basically confirmed by PlayStation Spain? Well, apparently not. PlayStation Spain's post mentioned a beloved saga and included a picture of Crash Bandicoot -- but it looks like it was supposed to be a joke. BioShock must be the saga it was referring to.

Anyway, all three games will be available to download on the 4th February.

What do you think of February's PlayStation Plus selection? Are you disappointed that Crash isn't included after all? Give us an honest opinion in the comments section below.