Persona 5 Royal PS4

Video games have been iterating upon and improving their selection of special features for decades now, but what Persona 5 Royal has done for its lengthy list of bonuses is nothing short of staggering. The Thieves Den is an all-new option found in the title's pause menu, which when accessed at any point in the story, transports you to an entirely new area brimming with the sort of bonuses some games could only dream of boasting about. It is quite simply the most impressive example of an experience incorporating what would normally be a selection screen into the game itself.

Taking the shape of a gigantic open-plan room, you'll be able to spend P Medals on unlocking extra content from various stations situated about the place. That currency can be earned through awards or playing Tycoon, and the sort of bonuses they reward is astonishing. From stunning artwork of the Phantom Thieves through to Persona 5 models, trailers, and cutscenes, you can essentially go on a nostalgia trip through the original marketing campaign of Atlus' 2017 masterpiece. Better yet, enemy and character action figures can be placed in certain parts of the room to decorate the space and make it personal to you.

The musical performances were our favourite, however. Just picture us for a second watching and thoroughly enjoying a Persona musical highlight at a preview event amongst other attendees glued to their own TVs and you've got the right idea. The simple fact that Persona 5 Royal will give you the option of ditching its turn-based battles at a moment's notice to enjoy some thrilling live renditions of the franchise's finest numbers has us all the more excited about its release next month.

If you're interested in reading more of what we experienced at a recent Persona 5 Royal preview event, head on through the link. Do you enjoy extravagant extras menus such as the one in question? Share your favourite Persona tracks in the comments below.