Little Town Hero PS4

After the announcement of a Japanese release for Little Town Hero on PlayStation 4, the PlayStation Blog has now confirmed that the RPG from Pokémon developer Game Freak will be released in the US and across Europe. It'll launch in the US on 2nd June 2020 and three days later across Europe, while Japan gets the game a little bit earlier on 23rd April.

What's more, a physical edition from publisher NIS America will come packaged with a select set of extra goodies thanks to the Big Idea Edition. Those being an art book, poster, lapel pin set, and an official soundtrack CD from Undertale composer Toby Fox.

The former Nintendo Switch exclusive puts you in the shoes of Axe, "a young boy with big ambitions to venture outside his village and see what lies beyond. After finding a stone that mysteriously manifests his ideas, Axe must use his imagination to defend against and discover the truth of the sudden monster attacks in his town." The PS4 release will also include an all-new easy mode, which is said to lower the attack and defense of enemies and their special effects will be less common.

Is this a game you'll be interested in playing over the quiet summer months? Be the hero in the comments below.