Granblue Fantasy Versus Sales

The West has to wait a little longer for Granblue Fantasy Versus, but the pristine looking fighting game is already off to a solid start in Japan and other Asian territories. Publisher Cygames reports that the title has shipped and digitally sold over 150,000 copies since it launched on the 6th February. That's pretty good as far as fighting games go.

Of course, it probably helps that Granblue Fantasy is immensely popular in Japan. The original mobile title of the same name has spawned a media empire that now branches out to manga, anime, and just about any kind of merchandise that you can imagine.

In any case, it'll be interesting to see how Versus is received over here in the West when it hits this spring. We're still waiting on a confirmed release date for Europe, but it's set for the 3rd March in North America.

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