Granblue Fantasy Versus released in Japan near the beginning of February, and it's due to hit North America on the 3rd March. But what about Europe? Well, it's only just now grabbed a confirmed release date, and although the wait isn't too bad, European players will still have to sit around for a month or so before Versus finally lands on PlayStation 4.

Granblue Fantasy Versus launches on the 27th March in Europe and Australia, which isn't ideal, but hey, at least we actually have a date to look forward to now. Unfortunately, publisher Marvelous has also confirmed that the game's physical Premium Edition, which was set to be a Marvelous Store exclusive, has been cancelled in Europe due to "ongoing time constraints and production issues". Clearly, none of this has been a smooth process.

Are you looking forward to Granblue Fantasy Versus? Does this European release date impact you at all? Don't whiff your heavy in the comments section below.