Godfall Ps5 Playstation 5.original

Gearbox has just wrapped up its panel at PAX East, and perhaps surprisingly, PlayStation 5 title Godfall put in an appearance. The audience was treated to the same announcement trailer from the game's reveal at The Game Awards, but what was most interesting is what Counterplay Games had to say after the fact. According to the team, it has "more to tell about Godfall really, really soon".

This raises two questions. Firstly, how much stock should we put into the quote? This could be a hint at some sort of reveal to come over the next couple of weeks, or it could just be lingo for "we'll see you soon" in a very general sense. The presenter speaks rather casually, so it's hard to work out whether or not there's anything to this. However, if there is, how soon are we talking? Is this something that's going to happen next week or towards the end of March? Again, it's very unclear.

All we have is a rather vague quote that doesn't really say all that much. Taken at face value, more Godfall news is on its way "very, very soon". However, we don't think you should put too much stock into what the presenter is saying to the point where you wind up disappointed next week. What do you make of the quote, anyway? Do you really think this is a slip of the tongue and a PS5 event is coming very shortly or is it a whole load of nothing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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