Gothic PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Following the release of a playable teaser, THQ Nordic has announced that it’s established a brand-new studio in Barcelona to revive cult classic Gothic for the PlayStation 5. The aforementioned demo was given away for free on Steam, and players were encouraged to complete a survey to help determine the viability of a full-scale revival. Almost 95 per cent of respondents were in favour of a follow-up.

“We are up for the challenge to develop a full Gothic remake which will stay as faithfully as possible to the original experience and transport the atmospheric world of Gothic into a high quality look and carefully modernising certain gameplay mechanics,” said THQ Nordic business and product development director Reinhard Pollice.

Obviously, you shouldn’t expect the title to release any time soon, and further details are being kept underwraps for now. The publisher’s said that it will be monitoring feedback from the demo closely, and will incorporate elements that fans consider important, such as a “grittier” world. The original is well known for its dark, mining colony backdrop, and went on to spawn a handful of sequels on the PC, as well as a spin-off on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.