Devil May Cry 5 PS4

Capcom really has taken the PlayStation 4 generation by storm. Monster Hunter: World became its best selling video game of all time at 14.9 million units, Resident Evil 2 is officially outselling the PSone original, and now Devil May Cry 5 is the best-selling entry in the Japanese franchise.

The publisher has updated its lengthy list of Platinum Titles which now confirms an overall sales total for the series' fifth mainline entry of 3.1 million units. Devil May Cry 4 is just behind it with 3 million copies on the market while the original PlayStation 2 game boasts of 2.16 million units sold. The DmC: Devil May Cry spin-off does sit between the two at 2.4 million copies, but some die-hard fans don't like to speak of that.

Capcom is primed to continue its hot streak with Resident Evil 3 in April, but then it'll surely be turning its focus to supporting Sony's next-generation PlayStation 5 console. Are you happy to see Devil May Cry 5 take the top-selling spot for the franchise? Slay some demons in the comments below.